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Make Me Laugh!

Can You Make Me Laugh?         
A ‘funny’ new app for the iPhone

Reviews and Quotes

“It’ll leave you rolling on the floor in a fit of Laughter”
-Will B. Famous

“Never heard anything like it”
-Can Not Hear

“Clearly a high brow app meant only for the upper crusted”
-Herr man Isa Snobé

Contains the new hit tracks:

“El Famosa”

“Et Tu Barté”
“The BellyFull”
“The Wheezer”
“Ala Gaffe”
“Le Gaffe”
“Le Geyser”

Not only will you receive these tracks, but if you act today you will receive a bonus: “Twisted Version” of each track for FREE.  Listen as each track is thrown into a special effects time warp that includes: reverse, echo, pitch shifting and more.  To receive the original 8 tracks and the twisted 8 tracks act now, all operators are waiting.

Trumpet Studio - Trumpet Fingerings - Articles - Reference

Trumpet Studio has a little in it for every level of trumpet player.  First and foremost, it is an interactive, animated fingering chart with sound.  Simply press the arrow up or down to see the fingering. When you want to hear the pitch, touch the speaker!  Simple.  Every article is written in clear, concise, and easy to understand language.

Animated Fingering Chart:


You will find articles on:

- High Note Playing
- Air Exercises and Aids
- Method Book List (easy, medium, difficult)
- Mouthpiece Advice
- Lip Buzzing Exercises
- Practice Routines

ALL the digital files can be downloaded from  and printed for use.  They are included in the app as a reference.